Pack Your Bags You’re Going On A Trip!

Finally! It’s finally time for your much-needed holiday! You’ve saved up enough money to afford an actual vacation that entails more than you spread across on the couch all day with cookie crumbs all over your chin.

Do some planning

After long and grueling routines, your vacation should most definitely be adventurous and completely out of your regular routine. You don’t have to be completely spontaneous. Plan out your travel, Kangaroo Valley accommodation and activities beforehand. Your time off is precious! So, it is better to plan your day out so you make time for the activities you’ve been looking forward for and to visit your top picks. You don’t have to religiously stick to a schedule but by having a rough idea of what you want to do, you will save time by having a list to refer to in terms of what to do, places to eat and things to see.

Not everything will empty your pocket

There are so many activities you can do for free. Art galleries, hikes, museums, picnics in national parks and lounging on the beach are some activities that will cost you nothing extra. You can find very reasonable packages or offers online for guides, shows and various sports. It’s best to refer to travel blogs run by backpackers on a budget. They review and recommend hidden gems that are within your budget or worth the splurge. A benefit of travelling with a group is that you can even purchase very reasonable packages that will save you money. However, when travelling alone allows you the space to be alone with your thoughts, to do some much-needed soul searching and avoid unnecessary costs of having to please everyone when with a large crowd.

Adventure time

There are so many fun and de-stressing activities one can do when on vacation. From spa getaways, yoga retreats, horse riding holidays, camping, to extreme hikes, adventurous getaways from Kangaroo Valley Horse Riding have become the trend among young adults who are exhausted with their soul crushing everyday routine. There are so many ready-made tours and packages at your fingertips, reducing the stress of having to get there and fumbling around trying to find a legitimate place or the best prices. You can now with a few clicks find what is close to where you’re staying, what is within your budget and even book your spots beforehand to avoid any disappointments or delays.

Being stuck indoors crammed in a cubicle and meetings all year long takes a toll on your body. It’s best to engage in outside physical activities to get some much-needed oxygen and sunlight. You don’t have to be completely spontaneous to be adventurous especially if you don’t have all the time in the world to spare. Try new things this vacation. You might come back renewed and inspired.

Out-of-the-box Date Ideas For An Unusual Date

While trying out new things as a couple, it’s possible that you might come across a certain activity that really appeals to you. For example, say you tried rock climbing; and really came to enjoy it. Consider joining a climbing gym together so you have something from your honeymoon that will last a lifetime. Want something a little more tangible? Well, apart from getting matching jewelry with something significant from your honeymoon engraved on it, you could also consider getting matching tattoos.

Bored with your usual dates? Want to try something different? If so, the below unusual date ideas are exclusively for you…

The faux fancy kw

We know that dating is basically doing something you are comfortable with, something that you enjoy, with someone you love. But this doesn’t mean you should stick to you comfort zones always. Since we’re thinking of unusual dates, consider going for a fancy (or faux fancy) date for a change. Dress up and make a date of having dinner at a high end restaurant of your locality. Take a tour of your locality’s luxury open hotel; enjoying the grandeur of it without having to pay for its rooms. If you have the time to plan your date out, you could even check out the local wine tours Victoria.

The classic of the classics

Wine tours might definitely be fun; but only if it’s available in your area. If you want to try and make your ordinary dates a little extraordinary, consider giving it an upgrade. For example, if your favorite form of dating is the classic movie-and-dinner date, upgrade it by setting up a private outdoor movie theater in your garden. And as for the food, pop by the local farmer’s market and pick out a few fun ingredients. If this is not a surprise date, have fun cooking together and bonding over the process. Remember that you could make some homemade popcorn to create that movie theater feel…

The forgotten joys

The forgotten joys of our lives are those simple things that we used to enjoy. If both you and your date have grown up in the town you currently live it, find out if you have any place in common that you used to enjoy exploring as children. It may be a local water hole, a children’s park you haven’t seen in years or even a store you used to love visiting but haven’t in a while. Make a date out of revisiting those spots. You could even pretend to be a tourist in your own town! If the weather (and the traffic) permits, consider biking for the day. This will add to that forgotten joy feeling…

The treasure hunt in the thrift store

Remember how much of fun you used to have as a kid “hunting” for treasure? Why not have the same kind of fun at a date? Now, we know that you won’t really have the time or the patience to walk all around your town looking for “Treasures”; so limit your “treasure island”like a thrift store. Make a game out of it; like coming up with the weirdest outfit or best haul for a limited amount of money. You can carry it a step further, and have a “fashion show” out of the outfits you designed once you get home.